In an interview with Arise Television, Doyin Okupe, the director general of the Peter Obi Presidential Campaign Organization, asserted that social media has a potential voting pool of about 15 million votes for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

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He claims that about 34 million Nigerians use social media, and that a study conducted by experts revealed that about 60% of these users already possess voter identification.


He said, “We have scientific evidence that approximately 60% of the 34 million Nigerians on social media have a voter card. We also know that Peter Obi’s supporters are enormously and overwhelmingly the leaders on social media.”

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He continued by mentioning how popular the Obedient movement is on social media and how President Muhammadu Buhari reportedly frightened his rival aspirants with the 12 million votes he claimed to have received from Northern Nigeria.


Presidential election

Now the question is, who will be elected as the president of Nigeria in the upcoming 2023 presidential election?

Please note: We urge everyone to partake in this voting exercise and help us settle the debate once and for all.


Is it going to be Tinubu, Peter Obi, or Atiku?

Decision Time

Voting is still available: (VOTE) Which of these men is fit to be the next President of Nigeria? Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar or Peter Obi? click here|VOTE NOW

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