The Specialty Beers Ghana (SBL) Limited, a company working under the government’s One-District-One-Factory plan, was commissioned by President Akufo-Addo on Saturday.

Specialty Beers was founded to produce specialty ales or top-fermented beers for the Ghanaian market. It is situated in Kwasi Tenten, in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality of the Eastern Region, on a five-acre plot of land.

The business was set up in Ghana in 2012, but it just started operating in 2020. In January 2021, it submitted an application to participate in the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s One District One Factory (1D1F) Program.


The first brew test run was completed in April 2022 after the factory’s construction began in May 2021.

Having an annual production capacity of 10,000 hectolitres, Specialty Beers LTD (SBL) is a medium-sized artisan brewery.

SBL has previously engaged in the development of a variety of beer recipes employing mostly adjuncts (such as maize and broken rice) to partially replace malted barley, which cannot be produced in Ghana, as part of its ambition to minimise dependence on the importation of raw materials.


Avnash Limited and Hila Farms Limited, two local companies that provide these cereals, have been contracted as anchor suppliers of fundamental raw materials.

It will be the first brewery in Ghana to use the top-fermentation brewing method.

Due to the centrifuge filtering system, this advanced brewing technology ensures the absolute clarity of the beer without removing any flavour or fragrance during the mashing process, while allowing the use of over 70% unhusked grains.

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Farmhouse Ale (5% alcohol by volume), Hibiscus IPA (6% alcohol by volume), Ginger Triple (7% alcohol by volume), and Cocoa Stout (8% alcohol by volume) are the company’s new products.

Modern manufacturing plants use exclusively recyclable materials throughout their whole production process to minimize their impact on the environment (no plastics). 
The business also makes use of cleaning agents that enable wastewater (a byproduct) to be used as fertilizer and potassium acetate.

The company currently has 20 regular employees working on pre-factory launch projects in particular plant operating areas.


Once the business is fully operational, it is anticipated that over 60 additional employees will be hired directly and that over 1500 new jobs will be created through indirect means.

Through specialized international distributors, the project’s second phase aims to expand exports to the larger ECOWAS region, the rest of Africa, and possibly the European market.

Specialty Beers Ghana Limited has already obtained the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme Certification (ETLS) as a result.


The One-District-One-Factory project has so far resulted in the ongoing building of 296 factories around the nation, 125 of which have already been finished.

It is a component of the framework on which the Akufo-Addo administration is constructing a comprehensive industrialization programme, motivated by the growth of strategic anchor industries like the burgeoning automotive sector and the coordinated exploitation of the nation’s bauxite and iron ore resources for the country’s entire domestic value addition.

There are 17 1D1F firms that are complete, 16 that are in the process of being built, and four that are in the pipeline, all in the Eastern Region.

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