Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress nominee for president, is under intense pressure right now to withdraw from the 2023 presidential general election.

One of our correspondents in Ghana asked Nigerian folks on the street about the forthcoming election.

According to the frightening revelation we got from our correspondent, Bola Tinubu should bid farewell to the presidency because he is suffering from a chronic illness that needs to be checked before the unthinkable happens.


According to the reports we received, Tinubu should step down as the presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress because the sickness in his body is spreading gradually and needs immediate medical attention.

They did not state the exact sickness, but they believe Tinubu is not physically strong enough to be sworn in as the next president of Nigeria.

Our correspondent further stated that the Nigerian citizens living in Ghana have sworn to vote against Tinubu and his government.


Some of them did not want to travel back to Nigeria, but because they want Tinubu out of the political system, they will come out to vote and elect someone who is more focused and healthy.

What do you think about this short piece? Do you think Tinubu is sick or do they just don’t want him to be their president?

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