Some of the students in Ghana have vowed to support Bola Tinubu and Kashim Shettima in their bid to become the APC’s next president in the general elections.

Do you believe Peter Obi is attempting to gain political advantage or is he the most qualified candidate to succeed Muhammadu Buhari as President of the Republic of Nigeria?

They were of the view that Peter Obi is not fit and healthy to be the next president of Nigeria but what exactly did they see that made them believe that Peter Obi is not physically strong?


The presidential candidate of the Labour Party faced an enormous backlash from some of the supporters of the APC party after hearing that Peter is has been infected with a deadly disease called…….read more

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  1. This your write up does not reveal anything. It’s just campign of sentiment You said Nigerians living in Ghana, people that will not even vote. I can say Nigerians living in Benini republic Are accessing The presidential candidate of LP or APC that they said when they win elections they will help their regions breakaway from Nigeria how is that for sentiments.please stop writing things that you do not have prove.

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