Professor Abiodun Adeniyi, a political analyst from Nigeria, believes that Atiku Abubakar, the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, should have been more circumspect in his word choice in the run-up to the presidential elections of 2023.

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Professor Abiodun Adeniyi asserts that Atiku Abubakar needs to use more restraint when choosing his words in his capacity as a presidential candidate. Abiodun Adeniyi made his statement in response to a tribal proclamation attributed to the former vice president of Nigeria, who is said to have asked northern elders in Kaduna state to support him because he is a northerner rather than an Igbo or Yoruba candidate.


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Following Atiku’s remarks at the Northern Elders Forum, Nigerians have responded in a variety of ways. Abiodun Adeniyi asserts that given the sensitive nature of the situation and the upcoming elections, Atiku Abubakar would be wise to exercise greater restraint in his word choice.

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Professor Abiodun Adeniyi made this statement in response to Atiku’s tribal statement.

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