Following Peter Obi’s decision to welcome her questions and critiques about his plans for Nigerians, activist Aisha Yesufu from Nigeria has responded to his remarks on social media. Peter Obi is the Labour Party’s nominee for president in 2023.

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Recall that Rinu Oduala, a Nigerian activist, had asked Peter Obi if elected as Nigeria’s next president in 2023, how he intended to address police brutality on her official Twitter account a short while ago.


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Additionally, supporting her in asking Peter Obi such a question was her co-worker, Aisha Yesufu. However, these questions did not sit well with Peter Obi’s Twitter followers, who assumed that they were going to make fun of their candidate for the presidency.

As a result, Peter Obi took to his official Twitter account to respond to these critiques from Nigerians, including Aisha Yesufu and Rinu Oduala, saying that he has noted that some people who have questioned his conduct are also being ridiculed for speaking up. He said that the new Nigeria that they need is one in which individuals may criticise and hold leaders accountable.


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Aisha Yesufu’s constructive criticism was also accepted by Peter Obi, who went on to say that he has their support and that they wish him well.

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