President Buhari was widely expected to save Nigeria in 2015, according to Musa Sarkin Adar in an interview with Arise News. All of Nigeria’s hopes were placed in Buhari, he claimed, but he did his best even if he fell short of expectations. Musa Sarkin claimed that he wouldn’t award President Buhari a perfect grade if he had to evaluate his work.

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He claimed that most Nigerians believed Buhari would turn the country around when he assumed office, but regrettably, he was unable to do so since it wasn’t that simple. When he assumed authority, he realised it was not simple to manage a full country, thus he could not live up to expectations.


He let many Nigerians down by falling short of their expectations. According to Musa Sarkin, the APC came into office with the intention of fixing what the PDP had done to the nation before it, but it failed because Buhari didn’t know how to do it.

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He claimed that Buhari gave it his all, but not in the way he had hoped and that if he were to grade him, Buhari wouldn’t receive a perfect score from him [that is 100%]. The COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, was mentioned as one of the numerous factors that made the APC’s reign more challenging.

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