If you are a Ghanaian nurse and you wish to work in Germany or with other international hospitals in the U.K, then I am glad to tell you that it is easy and lucrative to work in Germany as a nurse. This article is mainly directed at Ghanaians who are willing to work as nurses in Germany.

Is a German language test required before I can work in Germany?

Yes, a nurse must achieve German language proficiency at the B1 level in order to be evaluated by the German Nursing Council.
Meanwhile, you must first pass the B2 level in order to work as a registered nurse. German nurses are able to complete the B2 level.

Which Exam Do I Need To Pass To Get A Job In Germany?

A nurse must complete the B1 level of the German language in order to submit a request for assessment to the German Nursing Council. 


To work as a Registered Nurse, you must first take the B2 level. Nurses in Germany can acquire a B2 diploma.

The process above is necessary in order to qualify to work as a nurse in Germany so note that before you would be permitted to work as a nurse in Germany you are required to take a language test.

Nurses Clearance Form Process In Ghana

1. Pay a visit to the Ministry of Health’s Ridge headquarters. (Please keep in mind that you will need to purchase a clearance form, which costs GHS200.)
2. You must present an introductory letter from your faculty of work addressed to the Ministry of Health’s Director, Human Resources for Health Development (HRND). (Note: Rotational nurses and midwives must submit a letter of completion of rotation.)
3. A passport-sized photograph that has been approved by your current employer must be included. (Note: The background must be white, and you must first put on your staff uniform.)
4. Indicate your employee identification number in the top left or top right corner of the clearance form.
5. When submitting a completed clearance form for endorsement, proof of payment (receipt) must be provided.

The clearance form is a new directive from the Ministry of Health MOH). The clearance form is not mandatory for those who are not thinking of traveling outside the country, but those who are preparing or willing to work outside must complete and submit the clearance form for endorsement.

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The introduction of the clearance form would help nurses to work freely in any country of their choice.

Getting a job as a nurse in Germany is easy, but you will be asked to provide the necessary documents to back up your application to fully identify and clarify that you are eligible to work in the country.

As a Ghanaian nurse, before you can be able to work in Germany, you must clear yourself with the Ministry of Health because the hospital or agency that might recruit you in Germany would need such documents.


The reason why they would need the documents is that they want to be convinced that you are not restricted to working outside Ghana.

How To Clear Yourself From The Ministry Of Health As A Nurse.

The process of clearing yourself from being a staff member is easy and fast.


Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

Follow the above steps and make sure you submit the necessary documents you would be asked to provide.

After going through the normal process, you would be permitted to work in any country as a Ghanaian nurse.



Kindly make sure that you have taken and passed the German test, and also, do the needful by going through the clearance process to avoid any issues with your current or future employer.

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