We recently covered who who will succeed president Akuffo Addo in 2024 elections and now this article is going to cover the NDC party side.

There has been a sharp twist at the camp of NDC as to who befits the seat of the presidency. Familiar names and anonymous potential candidate names keep popping up but the majority of the National Democratic Congress supporters seem to be on the side of one person.

Who could this person be?


This article will make you understand and give you more insights into how things are run in the camp of the National Democratic Congress.

The most interesting thing about selecting a candidate for a particular political party may look weird and astonishing at the same time.

Political supporters have their way of choosing and selecting their leaders thus it becomes complicated when the leaders of the party do not side with the ideas and suggestions of their able supporters.


The NDC party has great and well-educated individuals who are endowed with deep knowledge of governance, and policy-making and create splendid measures to ensure economic stability and development.

Most people are in support of ex-President John Dramani Mahama leading the National Democratic Congress in the upcoming 2024 presidential general election.

John Mahama is a well-known politician and the former head of state in Ghana who succeeded the late president of the republic of Ghana, Professor Evans Atta-Mills upon departing from the world of the living to join his ancestors.


The late Professor Evans Atta Mills’s death brought discomfort and dismay to the people of Ghana.

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During the late President Atta Mills era, ex-President John Mahama was appointed as Vice President thus when he passed away, John Mahama was to be sworn in as the next President of the Republic of Ghana as the law demanded.

John Dramani Mahama was successfully sworn in as the President but he served for a year.


How did he rule for another four years?

Mahama was allowed to stand in for the party as the flag bearer for NDC. That particular year was tough and a bit shaky for the NDC party because their opponents, NPP were strong enough to beat them but something interesting happened.

What happened?


The election took place in 2012 and NDC’s major contenders were the New Patriotic Party, and NPP.

The election was peaceful and surprisingly, NDC won the election with the opposition party back then, NPP did not agree with the outcome of the results.

Ghana’s democracy is highly recommended and recognized by the whole world.


Why do I say so?

The leaders, members and supporters of the New Patriotic Party would have caused a serious war in the country when the Electoral Commission announced the results but they kept calm and proceeded to court to challenge the results.

As the law demands, every President is supposed to serve for 8 years before he/she leaves office but Mahama’s own was a bombshell.


He spent only 4 years in the office of the presidency and was booted out by the leader of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akuffo Addo who is currently the president of the Republic of Ghana.

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The supporters of the National Democratic Congress believe that the return of John Mahama would be incredible and outstanding while a few of the supporters also think that ex-President Mahama can not win against the present Vice President, Dr Mamudu Bawumia, John Allan Kyeremanten and the most popular politician in Ghana, Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong if NPP decides to select one of them to lead the party in 2024.

The supporters who do not agree with Mahama’s return are of the view that Ghanaians have seen and tested him because he was unable to create job opportunities and enhance economic growth and how he put Ghana in total darkness for 4 years during his time will forever be in the minds of the citizens in the country.


Should they choose a different candidate or maintain John Mahama?

Mahama is the most followed personality in the NDC party but according to a short survey we conducted, people who are not supporters of the NDC would have considered voting for the NDC if the party decides to go in for a different candidate.

Mahama could win the NDC primaries but winning the presidential general election will be tough for him because he needs to restructure his plans, and policy and convince the people of Ghana why they should vote for him.


Do you think he stands a chance of winning the election? Let us know your thoughts.

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