A Chinese national allegedly slit the throat of his Ghanaian employee, Isaac Boateng, in Kweikuma, a community in the Western Region’s Sekondi-Takoradi municipality.

The Chinese company for whom the culprit works have been contracted to build structures near the Ghana Navy quarters area in Kweikuma.

Boat, one of the workers, told Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson, the host of Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show, that they were demanding their salaries when tempers exploded.


“We worked for the entire month and our salaries had not been paid, so we had a meeting and asked our Chinese employer why we had not been paid,” he explained. “One of our colleagues went to the Chinese boss to find out what was wrong with the salaries because we have families and we are also owing some people.”

“In the heat of the debate, the Chinese boss pulled a flick knife and slashed the throat of our colleague, causing severe wounds and blood traces everywhere. He was brought to Effiankwanta Hospital, and we pray he will live,” he claimed.

According to him, the construction company employs approximately 80 Ghanaians, each of whom is paid GH18 per day.


He adds that when his colleague was brought to the hospital for medical assistance, other military commanders intervened and handled the situation.

“Some military [officers] intervened and later calm was restored, but the foreigner who committed the crime is still walking around. We are in pain and demand justice for our brother. We are about eighty workers here and they pay each of us GH18 a day for the hectic construction activities we do here,” he stated.

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A Connect FM visit to the company’s facilities finds a considerable security presence, as well as several personnel queuing up to receive their cash payments.


Attempts to communicate with the company’s management were futile.

Meanwhile, the incident has been reported to the Adiembra Police Station for further investigation.

Isaac Boateng, a machine operator for the Company, admits that he is still receiving treatment.


“The police took my statement, and I’m still in treatment,” he said.

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