He named that, colleague actor David Oscar hit him where it hurts the most.

“People I helped to become who they are by God’s grace connived to bring me down. The most painful one was David Oscar. I behaved like a soldier, stood behind him, fought Charterhouse so aggressively, and made Charterhouse my enemy, of which I didn’t care, only for David Oscar to later turn against me because I made him fight Charterhouse. It was painful,”

DKB further stated that David Oscar intended to ruin his career by demonizing him in the public eye

“He moved from one radio station to another, wanting to demonize and destroy me, even though Oscar was not his biological brother, I loved him and treated him as such”

DKB has said he bears no grudge against his fellow David Oscra but he keeps his back on guard anytime the latter (Oscar) tries to text or call.

It can be recalled that the two comedians have been at loggerheads since 2018 after David Oscar labeled him as a ‘fraudster’.

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