The most exciting thing about life is having someone with whom you can share your secrets and sentiments without him/her disclosing them to a third party.

Nonetheless, the person you believe can keep your secret will betray you when problems arise between the two of you.

The Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, was commended and praised for his exemplary contribution to society in the removal of fake pastors and other people who were defrauding the poor.


Kennedy Agyapong is the owner of NET2TV and Oman FM, which are located in Madina, Greater Accra.

The politician thought it wise to initiate a TV program on his TV station to discuss and share ideas about the current happenings in the country.

The show was hosted on NET2TV and was named “The Seat Show.” The show became the most talked about in Ghana due to Kennedy Agyapong’s wildness and determination to stop all the alleged fake pasters from operating.


Kweku Annan, one of the most popular journalists in Ghana, was recruited to host “The Seat Show” on NET2TV.

Kennedy Agyapong and Kweku Annan were usually seen on the show bashing the opposition party, the NDC, and other social-related issues.

The show was booming and people were of the view that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is an honest and reliable person due to some of the things he has been doing to help the people in the community with regard to fighting corrupt leaders and even his own party members.


Thus, the supporters of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong urged him to contest the 2024 presidential election because they deemed that he would be the best person to fight corruption in the country.

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The Hon. Kennedy Agyapong further made his intentions known to the public that he will certainly contest the 2024 election.

The news came as a shock to most Ghanaians because Kennedy Agyapong had earlier stated that he did not want to hold any state position in the country.


Kweku Annan, on the other hand, was in support of Kennedy Agyapong’s intention to run for the presidency race.

The NET2TV was used as a base to channel Hon. Agyapong’s visions to the public if he becomes president.

We woke up one day and heard that “The Seat Show” had been scrapped.


This made people wonder why he did that, but the Assin Central MP later came to clarify that the host of the “Seat Show,” Kweku Annan, has insulted the current president of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia, just to make him unpopular in the eyes of the NPP supporters and Ghanaians as well.

According to Kennedy, a prominent member of the New Patriotic Party called him to caution him about what his employee, Kweku Annan, was saying on Youtube.

He previously stated that the video was out of sight until he got to watch what Kweku Annan was saying about Dr. Bawumia.


The video did not go well with Kennedy Agyapong; therefore, he scrapped the show and sacked the host, Kweku Annan, for making it look like he was the master brain behind the incident.

Although Hon. Kennedy Agyapong noted that Kweku Annan did not use the TV station to insult the Vice President, he thought it prudent to do the needful in order to maintain the friendship he has built with Dr. Bawumia.

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Kennedy Agyapong further stated that he would not allow anyone to use his platform to degrade or insult his political opponents because of mere politics.


After the brouhaha between the Honourable Kennedy Agyapong and Kweku Annan, the media space was flooded with news concerning the issue.

The news died until Kweku Annan came out with a weird revelation: that everything that they said about some of the top politicians and pastors was lies. Therefore, Ghanaians should not regard Kennedy Aggyapong as an honest man because he is a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Kweku Annan further stressed that Kennedy Agyapong has been sleeping with other women, despite him being married and having grown kids.


These two great men were seen as best friends even though Kweku Annan was employed by the honorable Kennedy Agyapong to host the show on NET2TV.

I used to ask myself what would happen if the man was sacked from the station. Will he keep mute or keep all the things he knows about Hon. Kennedy Agyapong?

It’s good to share your ideas with people, but learn to keep things that would definitely defame you to yourself because sharing them with a friend would not be advisable.


Kweku Annan used to support Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, but since the dark part of him has taken over, he has revealed everything he knows about his boss.

The grieving host, Kweku Annan, might have felt disappointed or shocked because he did not think he would be sacked by Kennedy.

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Kweku Annan once came out to emphasize that he risked his career and life for Hon. Kennedy Agyapong thus did not expect such an ungrateful remark from his boss.


He was expecting Kennedy Agyapong to call him, but his expectations did not yield any results, so he chose to come out to snitch on his boss.

Most people are of the view that Kweku Annan’s utterances could destroy Kennedy Agyapong’s political career since he intends to contest the 2024 presidential election.

The trust that he has been able to build might be broken due to the issues that are popping up each day concerning his alleged dishonest nature and corrupt mind.


Watch the person who is close to you because the day you get an issue with him/her, all your secrets will come out without your knowledge.

Never underestimate people because what they have within them is unknown to anyone.

Sharing your secret with others will backfire because none of them can be trusted.


Learn to keep things to yourself because your mind is within you and your mouth will stay mute if you learn how to control yourself.

Remember, nobody can disgrace or blackmail you when you stay focused and keep crucial things to yourself.


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