The craftsman responsible for making Mohbad‘s coffin gives an explanation as to why the late singer’s neck appeared bent inside the casket.

Mohbad, known for his song “Peace,” tragically passed away on September 12, 2023, and was laid to rest on September 13, 2023, in Ikorodu, Lagos.


In the wake of his passing, a video surfaced online displaying Mohbad’s lifeless body within the casket, with his neck appearing bent, a sight that stirred considerable controversy.

Amid the discussions that have arisen since Mohbad’s demise, the coffin maker has come forward to shed light on the reason for the singer’s neck being in a bent position.

The coffin maker earnestly requests that Nigerians refrain from blaming him. He emphasised that there was insufficient time to take precise measurements for Mohbad’s coffins.

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"Don't blame me" — Coffin maker speaks on why Mohbad's neck was bent

He further clarified in replies to comments that the urgency was driven by the father and the family’s desire for a swift arrangement.

“No time for measurement. You don’t have to blame me for that cause they wanted it fast,” he stated in replies to questions from fans of the late singer.

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