The Elegushi Royal Family denies affiliation with the socialite, Sam Larry amidst the controversies trailing the death of a notable singer, Mohbad.

This comes following the resurfacing of a petition for protection of life filed by the late Mohbad after being harassed during a video shoot by Sam Larry.

Sam Larry

Reacting to the backlash trailing the socialite and his alleged affiliation to the Elegushi, the monarch’s family released a statement dissociating itself from him.

Like every celebrity who stepped foot in the palace of the Elegushi, his affiliation to the king either as a family or worker is declared false.

“Sam Larry; Samson Balogun is not a member of the royal family and does not work for the royal family or king in any capacity. Like other celebrities, politicians, religious and community leaders, he visits the palace to pay homage to the king and seek royal blessings just like other members of the public,” the statement reads in part.

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Elegushi Royal Family denies affiliation with Sam Larry following death of Mohbad

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