The 2023 presidential general election has generated a lot of public reactions based the on the person whom the populace think fits to be the next president of Nigeria.

Although, the general election has not commenced yet but the potential winner amongst the other presidential candidates has been disclosed due to the online polls that was conducted few weeks ago.

The polls was opened to all the citizens of Nigeria to exercise their right and choose the person they wish to see as the next president of Nigeria.


The polls was monitored and conducted by Gabs Feed Media thus we can boldly state that the results are 100% genuine and we would like to urge you all to accept the final results without any doubts.

After the end of the polls, the ultimate winner had above 50% which indicates that the possibility of him winning the 2023 presidential election is well-secured.

Surprisingly, the prrson who won the polls would not even believe it if someone had told him about the results.


We know that the final results might shock you but that’s the voice of the people, not ours.

The person who won the polls had the most votes and we know that this results might scare some of the party supporters of the other political parties who couldn’t make it to the top.

At the end of the 2023 election online poll results, the presidential candidate of the……find out more

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