John Jinapor, Deputy Ranking Member of Parliament’s Mines and Energy Committee, has urged the government to demonstrate its commitment to combating illegal mining by prosecuting those involved.

According to him, there is proof that some members of the ruling NPP are participating in galamsey, which is damaging the country’s lands and water sources.

According to John Jinapor, who spoke on Newsfile, “if they go arresting the small fishes while their troops are brazenly ignoring the law and moving into forest reserves and damaging the forest, they’re sending the incorrect signal.”


“The only way to deal with it is for the President to demonstrate leadership by going after his constituents. “There is abundant evidence to show and prove that several high-ranking NPP officials are involved in this criminal behaviour,” he continued.

The ranking member questioned how Akonta Mining Limited, controlled by NPP’s Ashanti Regional Chairman Wontumi, received a prospecting licence that expires in 2035.

In the case of Akonta Mining Limited, he stated that the mining company violated the law when it relocated its operations to the Tano Nimiri Forest Reserve in the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region.


“Clearly, certain people who feel untouchable are blatantly disregarding the law,” he added.

Mr. Jinapor challenged the administration to demonstrate its commitment to combating the threat of unlawful mining.

“The President himself stated that he is putting his position on the line; nobody forced him to do so; the outcome has been quite disappointing for me; the President hasn’t accomplished anything major.”

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In the meantime, the Lands Ministry has ordered Akonta Mining Limited to halt operations in the Tano Nimiri Forest.

The Ministry stated on September 30 that, while Akonta Mining Limited has a mining lease to conduct mining operations in various areas of Samreboi outside the Forest Reserve, “the firm has no mineral right to conduct any mining operations in the Tano Nimiri Forest Reserve.”

According to the statement, sector minister Samuel Abu Jinapor has asked the Forestry Ministry to “immediately guarantee that the company does not carry out any operation in the forest and to take the necessary punishment against any person found culpable in this case.”


The order was issued after two people were shot at the Akonta Mining business in Samreboi, Western Region.

This occurred after a group of adolescents reportedly barred Akonta Mining Limited staff from sending further mining equipment into the Tano Nimri Forest reserve on Thursday.

Despite the government’s assertion that no entrance permits were granted inside the forest reserve, the firm is believed to have been mining there.


However, OccupyGhana is requesting that the Lands Ministry go beyond simply ordering Akonta Mining Limited to suspend operations in the Tano Nimiri Forest in the Western Region.

According to the pressure group, the ministry must bring in the security services and the Attorney General by providing them with the information they need to ensure that culprits are punished.

“We, therefore, demand that you immediately refer to the police and the Attorney-General the facts and evidence in your possession that show that the said mining company is conducting mining operations in violation of the Act, for further investigations and prosecution of the company and its directors and officers.”

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