Fortnite gets first-ever “Made-in-India” battle royale game

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Fortnite gets first-ever “Made-in-India” battle royale game

Pune-based game developer SuperGaming has recently introduced the Made-in-India battle royale title, Indus. The latest Indian battle royale game’s characters will be a part of Fortnite, a popular Epic Games title. This was revealed during the India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) 2023 held in Hyderabad.

Indus battle royale game: Availability
Users who are interested in playing the Indus Battle Royale Mobile can pre-register for the title on Google Play. The game will soon become accessible for iPhone users as well. Supergaming is set to launch the closed beta of the game this Diwali. The game’s release date is expected to be announced in the coming days. Users who want to try out the game now can download the Alpha APK of the title from its official website.

Indus x Fortnite: Key details
SuperGaming claims that the Indus battle royale game was developed by a two-woman team using Epic Games’ Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) in just 27 days. As mentioned above, the mobile version of Indus is set to have a Closed Beta session during the festive season. However, the PC and macOS version available in the Fortnite Creator Mode offers a different gaming experience.

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The Fortnite version of Indus includes the game’s environments. This version also includes the unique win condition of capturing a resource named Cosmium that appears on the map. SuperGaming has also shared a teaser video on the title’s official YouTube channel to reveal Fortnite’s gameplay with Indus’ integration.

Just like its other successful titles like MaskGun and Silly Royale, SuperGaming is taking a player-centric approach with Indus as well. According to a report by FoneArena, the studio will gather feedback on the game to influence its development direction.

SuperGaming’s MaskGun is a popular multiplayer shooter that currently has a player base of 80 million players. This game regularly involves the community with in-game events, including celebrations like Diwali.


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