The Nigerian people’s trust and confidence in Peter Obi are massive and overwhelming.

An anonymous guy has made a sad comment about the presidential candidate of the APC, Tinubu, and the presidential aspirant of the PDP, Atiku.

According to the guy, Peter Obi is the right person to be the country’s President, but would he find it easy to contend with the likes of Atiku and Tinubu, who are also eager to win the 2023 presidential election? The content of the message was kind of harsh and rude, so it would not be appropriate to post it here since it goes against the rules of this great platform.


The substance of the message could cause great damage and shame to both parties because he revealed a secret about……read more

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  1. It seems that guy doesn’t know what is politics, he is mentioning Tinubu, Atiku and Peter Obi, not mentioning Kwankwaso.when you want to talk about a politician in Nigeria that can gather crowd without giving them anything just because of the love they have for him is kwankwaso. The greatest fear of Tinubu and Atiku in this context is kwankwaso even peter obi can attest that

  2. I just dey smile when all the old order gather themselves and still believe they can continue as before not realising the ship bas sailed. They should all go into retirement and let fresh air of progress blow into the country not their cancerous and criminal style of governance

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