There is a serious misunderstanding and banter between the current government and the former president of Ghana, John Mahama.

The former president Mahama was making some claims about his salary and the benefits that were supposed to be given to him as the law demands.


The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Simon Osei Mensah rebuked the former president of Ghana, John Mahama, for lying to the public regarding his pension pay, the garden boy and related monetary aspects.

The minister, in his statement, noted that John Mahama has been throwing dust into people’s eyes.

The Minister fumed that Mahama has been on the payroll for years and, thus, he finds it difficult to comprehend what the former president is trying to say.


The Minister further stressed that they used to pay Mahama’s electricity bill, water, house help, the garden boy, and other things for him; hence they decided to restructure the whole process and make it uniform.

He further explained that the new process was called a “consolidated salary.”

The government decided to include all the expenses of the former president in one bill to make things easier for them and for the sake of accountability.


The Minister again hinted that the consolidated salary includes the monthly payment of the garden boy, house help, and other expenses allocated to the former president, John Mahama.

Hon Osei Mensah also made a point that the government used to pay the workers of the ex-president separately, but since the introduction of consolidated salary, the system of payment has changed.

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This means that the money they pay Mahama at the end of the month includes the worker’s salary.


Although the workers do not receive their salary from the government, the government pays them indirectly through the consolidated salary.

Every government is obliged to receive a pension payment at the end of their service, but there are certain individuals that have extra opportunities when they retire.

Past presidents, ministers, members of parliament, and other public servants are required to receive money and other necessities when they retire.


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