According to Ashes, Ghanaian artists have the potential to excel but often fall short because they are hesitant to go the extra mile and invest in their art identifying the fear of investment as a significant obstacle preventing these artists from exploring bigger opportunities.

Submitting on UTV Showbiz Night, Ashes acknowledged that healthy competition exists in the music industry but emphasized the importance of not feeling limited by external pressures. He stressed the need for artists to continuously empower themselves, strive for self-improvement, and enhance their craft.

“Competition is an inherent aspect of the music industry, and people will judge you based on your work. Merely claiming to be the best rapper isn’t enough because there will always be differing opinions, sparking competition. Therefore, it’s crucial to self-empower, enhance your skills, foster collaborations, enter other music markets, and promote your work”

“However, Ghanaian artists tend to shy away from investing in themselves. Nigerians wholeheartedly invest in their craft and personal growth, and they see substantial returns on their investments.”

He expressed the belief that Ghanaian artists have the potential to achieve similar success but often resist the idea when presented with growth opportunities. Many of them become complacent and are hindered by the fear of the unknown.

“We can equally do it but the artist here doesn’t even want to hear it when you suggest the ideas. They feel comfortable where they are and that hinders growth. we have good music and can also sell globally but the fear of the unknown is blocking us”

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In summary, Ashes has highlighted the fear of investment and the reluctance to go beyond their comfort zones as significant factors holding back Ghanaian artists from realizing their full potential and achieving global recognition.

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