The rate at which Ghanaian-trained nurses are leaving the country is astounding.

Ghana is blessed with trained and intelligent nurses who have sworn to serve and cure the sick, but the recent news of them leaving the country requires a different perspective.

Those who have had the opportunity to travel outside the country have testified that the payment system in Ghana is insufficient in comparison to the monthly salaries paid overseas.


People may have different opinions on the sudden change in Ghana’s health sector.

Most nurses complain that their salaries are insufficient to support their families and other social responsibilities.

According to a report received by GABS FEED, nurses are dissatisfied with how the current government is managing the economy, so they are hesitant to work in Ghana.


I believe the government is also working hard to ensure that nurses are well cared for, but their efforts are grossly inadequate.

The government must put measures in place to ensure that the nurses’ needs are met as soon as possible.

I won’t call it bad governance, nor will I blame the nurses, because everyone wants to live a life that benefits him or her.


According to the report, over 1,000 nurses have travelled outside in the last two months.

Per our research, some of the nurses have also applied for the American Visa lottery with the intention of relocating to the United States of America to seek better nursing jobs.

Acquiring the American Visa Lottery will give them a permanent residence permit to enable them to work in the US.

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The figure above clearly demonstrates that the government must take steps to prevent our trained nurses from travelling outside of Ghana.

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