Spyro, a well-known artist, has many of his fans gushing after he released a wedding video where a groom used his lyrics as his wedding vow.

The groom used lines from artist Spyro’s song Who’s Your Guy in his wedding vows, making everyone in attendance giggle as it was captured on camera.

Groom uses Spyro's 'My Guy' lyrics as wedding vow, Spyro reacts - VIDEO

He said: “I will never leave your side (I will never ever go) I dedicate my life to you my guy, Even if the road rough I no mind ‘Cause you be my Gee for life.”

The groom referred to the musician as a philosopher and seemed to be a fan of Spyro.

Spyro shared the video on his Instagram page and said he was in tears while watching it since he had promised his followers timeless music.

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He stated: “This brought me to tears This goes to show the power of TIMELESS/EVERGREEN music ,it transcends time ,gives hope and assurance.”

Spyro shared the video on his page and expressed how emotional he was after seeing the wedding video. He described his music as evergreen and timeless.

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