The Parliament of Ghana is available to all citizens of Ghana who intend to have a feel of how the house operates, and you can visit them from Monday to Friday respectively.

People who intend to watch how the parliamentary discussion and debate about economic issues, are welcome to watch the proceedings from the gallery. 

People who visit Parliament are made to sit at the gallery which is usually open to the public when they go there to have a glimpse of what they do during proceedings.


Due to security issues, you are entreated to go along with an identification card like a passport, Ghana Card and other necessary things before they can allow you to pass by the security zone.

Nevertheless, those who are willing to visit Parliament as a group or to tour around and within the house need to write a request to the head of the Director of Public Affairs for approval thus you can also choose to fill out an online application to place a request. 

Do not worry about where you will park your car or buses when you visit because the compound has enough parking spaces for every to park their vehicles and your safety is 100% guaranteed.


Rules For Observing Debates

  • As a visitor, you are not allowed to partake in the parliamentary proceedings nor intrude in the ongoing debate hence you should not be involved in the business of the chamber using loud commentary, clapping, demonstrations or unruly behavior.
  • You are privileged and mandated to watch and learn how they debate and argue about certain things in the house but make sure you do not go contrary to the rules of the chamber when proceedings are in section.
  • You are not allowed to take photographs or videos but you would only be permitted to do so when you ask for permission.
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Visiting the Parliament house may be one of the most memorable days of your life when you follow the required protocols. You must not do anything that will distract or cause any distraction in the house when proceedings are in the section.

Refusal to obey these required conditions might lead to the dismissal of the visitors from the gallery and you might be arrested if your actions need to be investigated depending on what you did in the chamber.

Visitors are also beseeched to dress formally to avoid any embarrassment and dismissal from the house.


Lastly, the visitors are supposed to rise to their feet when the Speaker of Parliament enters the chamber.

You can visit Ghana’s Parliamentary website to fill in the online application if you want to visit.

If you need any assistance on how to fill out the online application, kindly message us via email.


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