It’s BBNaija Day 48 and we’re bringing you all the All Stars highlights from: Housekeeping with a dose of honest conversations, Alex and Doyin analyse fights with Venita, Somgel’s relationship wahala and lots more!

Housekeeping with a dose of honest conversations

As brooms do the work, mouths do the talk.

BBNaija Day 48: Housekeeping with a dose of honest conversations, Alex and Doyin analyse fights with Venita, Somgel's relationship wahala...

This morning, Biggie instructed Sholzy to rouse the housemates for some housekeeping, which he diligently proceeded to do. Venita, however, was not pleased with this, as she refused to stand up from her bed, insisting she had cleaned the red room the day before. Tiredness or defiance? We can’t help but wonder the motive behind her behaviour.

Doyin the activist

Doyin and Whitemoney had a candid conversation where they analysed Doyin’s personality. “I said I was going to detach, but I can’t,” were the words she uttered to the Shine Ya Eye winner, maintaining that it isn’t easy to tweak who she is. She also revealed that she had a dream that involved Pere, whom she had ironically beefed with the day before. When she told Sholzy the dream, he interpreted it to mean that Doyin is hated in the house and beyond.

Whitemoney let her know that she is smart and has the answers to some questions, but she doesn’t keep the answers to herself, so it’s better for her to be an activist. He further stated that Doyin is 90% right all the time, and she is one of the more honest All Stars in the house. He advised her not to always give out the answers and that she needed to keep quiet sometimes. Doyin promised that if she was safe on Sunday, she wouldn’t fight. She, however, maintained that it is easier said than done and that the game has tested her to the end of her limits. But will Doyin stick to her promise?

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Close friends or nah?

Another topic that came up in the Doyin and Whitemoney conversation is that of keeping close friends. According to him, the quarrels between the All Stars are somehow due to a number of housemates fighting today and breaking bread the next day, which is why he doesn’t like keeping close friends. He referenced the Angel and Neoenergy squabble where they exchanged curses and how they were supposed to be close outside the house. For him, close friends reveal things about each other in the heat of the moment. He advised Doyin to walk away from situations, to which she responded that she wouldn’t partake in conversations again.

Fear the Parrot

In the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, the parrot is the housemate all the other housemates are afraid of. Mercy Eke revealed that the parrot won’t make her great in Biggie’s house. She made this statement while making jokes about the wahala between Doyin and Pere that happened yesterday. Apparently, she wanted to make a comment that would have put her in hot water with Biggie’s parrot, but she took a moment to rethink her actions and decided otherwise. Alex, who was also present, told her not to say what she intended to say. Fear who no fear parrot oh 🤣.

As Sunday’s eviction looms, the tension in the house continues to rise and we can’t help but wonder what to expect in the live eviction show..

Alex and Doyin analyse fights with Venita

Alex and Doyin chat about their fights with Venita and how her ship with Adekunle might be the reason she has stayed long in the house.

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“I know they don’t like me” Doyin

Ceec, Doyin and Sholzy discuss the outcome of tomorrow’s eviction and speculate about Sholzy being a fake housemate in the All Stars house.

Kim Oprah and Alex analyse Parrot drama

Days after the parrot’s revelation, Kim Oprah and Alex discuss the housemates involved in the matter.

Somgel’s relationship wahala and staying calm

Somgel addresses their relationship wahala, while Kim Oprah and Venita address Pere’s past reactions that led to his frustration.

A tale of uncredited contributions and reconciliation

Ceec expressed her frustration about not receiving due credit for her contributions, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

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Ceec, determined to address her concerns, approached Sholzy in the HoH gym. Sholzy expressed his disagreement, listened and asked a critical question, “Did you guys fully work with me?” The response to this from Ceec was affirmative, as she emphasised her substantial contributions to the overall task.

Sholzy explained that he had mentioned the “creative group” and assumed that Ceec and Alex were part of it. Frustration began to brew, with Ceec feeling misunderstood.

Ceec mentioned that she had hesitated to have this conversation with Sholzy because she felt he didn’t fully grasp her perspective. Ultimately, Sholzy apologised for not giving credit where it was due.

As Ceec left the gym, Sholzy couldn’t help but mumble to himself about the interaction. However, their story took an unexpected turn when Ceec re-entered the gym, offering a helping hand to Sholzy as he struggled to drink water with his boxing gloves on.

Ceec shared her surprise at not having utilised the gym even once during her stay as a BFF in the HoH lounge. It was a complete turnaround from the earlier conflict, and it left one wondering about the underlying motives behind Ceec’s return to the gym.

Did Ceec come back to the gym to make amends for her earlier complaint? Did she quickly regret her decision to confront Sholzy? The answers to these questions remain shrouded in mystery.

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