Dr Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo, Member of Parliament for Wa Central, has condemned the recent serial killings in Wa, and expressed confidence in the police to apprehend the perpetrators.

He stated that the most recent body discovered in the municipality had its eyes and tongue removed and placed in a rubber bag.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) said on 3FM’s Sunrise on Monday, September 19, that pictures of the body parts were sent to him via phone.


He stated that Wa is known for its peace, with few street fights.

However, he emphasized that recent events have shaken the town’s foundation.

Last Friday, angry town youth marched down some of the town’s main streets to express themselves regarding the incident.


The body of an allegedly kidnapped security guard was discovered in a shallow grave near the Napogbakole residential area, behind Blue Hill Hotel.

The body has since been dug up by Ghana Police Service officials for further investigation in accordance with procedures aimed at identifying the perpetrators.

The Wa Central MP believes the police will soon restore order to the area.


Officers have already been deployed to the town, and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) is on a working visit.

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