In response to Shatta Wale’s recent attack on fellow artist Stonebwoy, where he referred to Stonebwoy as a “curtain raiser,” Ms. Adutwumwaa has voiced her disapproval of Shatta Wale’s tendency to engage in unnecessary and disparaging conversations about his fellow artists.

In a discussion on UTV Showbiz Night, she contends that Shatta Wale’s shallow mindset and attitude are hindrances to his artistic progress and growth.

Comparing Shatta Wale’s performances to those of Stonebwoy, she suggests that Stonebwoy, whom Shatta Wale belittles, has consistently improved his craft and live performances over the years, unlike Shatta Wale, who relies on miming and backing songs.

Ms. Adutwumwaa believes that Shatta Wale has lost sight of his role as an artist and instead engages in pointless arguments on social media, focusing on baseless criticisms and undermining the hard work of fellow artists.

She also references Stonebwoy’s response to recent comparisons between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists, highlighting that Stonebwoy is not discouraged by the pressure but rather views it as motivation to accelerate his growth.

Ms. Adutwumwaa asserts that Stonebwoy is equally capable of achieving success on international stages like artists such as Davido. However, the lack of proper support and infrastructure in Ghana’s music industry hinders this progress.

“Stonebwoy’s contribution to the recent Ghana and Nigeria comparison explained that he isn’t moved by the pressure but he is self-aware of what has to be done to emulate such success of the Nigerian counterpart citing the pressure as a motivation to accelerate growth

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“Stonebwoy is no different from Davido and Co, he is capable of gracing bigger stages like the Co However the lack of proper structure and support hinders the penetration into the chalking of such highlights. He acknowledges the challenges and sees it as a self-retrospection to build his craft paving the way to the bigger limelight

“But Shatta Wale as usual rides on attention to shade hard-working artists who are doing their best to put the country on the map, I challenge him to put up a two-hour live performance, What Shatta Wale does is miming, track one, track two. It is so petty of him to claim Stonebwoy is coping Burna Boy, You can go a check on both their socials, what is the similarity between the two artists?

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