The All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign’s long-awaited manifesto was unveiled on Friday in the presence of the party’s presidential candidate, the national chairman, and other officials, including President Muhammadu Buhari.

The 80-page manifesto has been attentively reviewed by many Nigerians, including the opposing political parties in Nigeria. Due to the manifesto, other political parties have also modified their promises to Nigerians.

Furthermore, at a speech at a dinner hosted by the business community in Kano State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressive Congress’ (APC’s) presidential nominee, pledged that Nigeria will succeed if elected president in 2023, Tinubu stated.


“The proud success of Nigeria includes Kano and Lagos. Nigeria must change if it wants to meet the economic needs of this country. If you can meet their needs, you have the power of the consumer. Please, as we are all rushing, don’t let me make the names of the other two famous. They indicated that they were moving. The two other parties ignore them because I know the path and they don’t. They have no power to change anything.

You should be aware, as I stand here, that no professor of geography can pass the Lagos exam. I altered it. It’s better now. Expand the size from 600 million people every month, up to 55 billion. I can see in front of me. Just vote for me to be elected, please. You won’t have time to review my performance because I am so confident that you will vote for me and that Nigeria will succeed, he concluded.

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