The Peoples Democratic Party’s National Secretary, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, has declared that he is not a member of any faction despite the ongoing turmoil that is roiling the party.

He claimed in a candid interview that Atiku and Wike are both close friends of his and that it is therefore his responsibility to act as a statesman to bring them closer.

He remarked: “I am the national secretary of the PDP, and I am not a member of any particular group. Because we all knew each other back when I first ran for governor, Wike is my buddy, and Atiku is both my candidate and my friend. Therefore, it is my responsibility to act as a statesman and make sure that everyone works together. The appointments that have been set so far have little to do with me because our role is essentially that of midwives. The choice of how to conduct a campaign is made by the candidate.”


He noted that Atiku chooses who he wants to work with and that such choices have nothing to do with him when he shared his opinions on the appointments that have been made, notably in the presidential campaign council.

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Now the question is, who will be elected as the president of Nigeria in the upcoming 2023 presidential election?


Please note: We urge everyone to partake in this voting exercise and help us settle the debate once and for all.

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Is it going to be Tinubu, Peter Obi, or Atiku?

Your vote will decide.


Voting is still available: (VOTE) Which of these men is fit to be the next President of Nigeria? Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar or Peter Obi? click here|VOTE NOW


  1. I feel quite strongly that the 2023 election will be like no other this country’s ever witnessed. Nigeria’s electorate aren’t likely to vote for a political party. They’re clamouring for individual candidates.
    Àtiku Abubakar isn’t credible. He lacks the guts to put his PDP House in order. That he’s confused about the way to go on Wike’s issues is profound. That he’s hopping of to the US for presidential campaign is laughable. Àtiku won’t win. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an embarrassing jerk. He can’t win. I agree with the Edo state governor that Nigeria would break up if he wins.
    I think Peter Obi’s in a historic position to win if he knows when or how to protect his nationwide votes.

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