The New Nigeria Peoples Party’s presidential candidate, Rabi’u Kwankwaso, believes his party will defeat both the PDP and the APC in the 2023 election.

Giving a speech to a large crowd at the Kano State NNPP launch on Sunday, Kwankwaso said, “This crowd symbolises the need and urge for new leadership, not only in the state but in the country as a whole.” If God wills, the biggest surprise in 2023 will be if our party, the NNPP, wins the presidency.

According to Kwankwaso, by 2023, all students will be smiling and attending classes again.


Those that are in primary school will be able to receive free education, he said. 
University students will return to school, while excellent secondary students will be deemed for scholarships in both Nigeria and abroad.

The man has stated emphatically that his desire is to create room for poor people to have access to education and help build the country.

His aim to become the president of Nigeria is understandable, but would he be able to defeat the likes of Atiku, Peter Obi, and Tinubu?


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