Instagram’s close friends feature will now support posts, Reels

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Instagram’s close friends feature will now support posts, Reels

Instagram’s close friends feature allows users to limit their posts to selected users who are on the close friends list. Previously, the feature was limited to Instagram Stories and Notes. Now, the feature is set to arrive for posts and Reels shared on Instagram.

The Meta-owned photo-sharing platform introduced the close friends feature in 2018. This feature has helped users share Stories with smaller groups, especially the ones which they don’t want all their followers to see.

In a post shared on his Instagram Channel, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “Sharing with your Close Friends is now expanding to Feed and Reels. More types of posts with the same smaller group”

Another popular Meta-owned social media platform Facebook also allowed its users to limit their posts for a long time now. These posts remain restricted to certain groups of people on the user’s friends list, whether it’s for close friends, acquaintances, or people with whom they don’t want to share posts.

How to set up close friends on Instagram for posts and Reels
To limit a post or reel to close friends only, users need to select the Audience option that will appear before sharing any post. Users will have to select the Close Friends option and hit Done to enable the feature for each post and share their posts like they normally would.

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Users who are included in the close friends will be the only ones who will be able to see the photo, video, or reel you post. These posts will also have a green star icon indicating it was just shared to users on the close friends list.

How this feature will help users
This feature is expected to fill a user’s Instagram Feed with posts from a more close-knit community as they won’t have to share posts with their entire follower list and others are also expected to do the same. A green star appears next to the accounts that users include in their close friends list. Expanding the “green list” to Reels is expected to make the app offer a more private feel.


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