The Police have charged the Islamic preacher with organised robbery and kidnapping after he and 12 of his followers were apprehended in Karaga.

On September 30, National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) personnel detained Shaykh Sidi Doukoure and his adherents.

Seven of his followers were released without being charged following a preliminary investigation, leaving the Imam and four other people in detention.


According to the police’s charge sheet, which JoyNews has access to, on September 29, officers in Accra got information indicating that the alleged perpetrators were responsible for a number of robberies and kidnappings in the North East, Northwest, Savannah, and Bono regions.

The Imam allegedly runs an Arabic school on his property in Karaga, which he allegedly uses as a front to teach his disciples how to use offensive weapons and commit robberies, according to police information.

Mohammed Amadu, Hassan Sulemana, Ibrahim Bukari, and Abdul Salam Tuferu are the other four involved in the crime.


The defendants must show up in court on October 12, 2022.

The Imam, a Burkinabe immigrant, is additionally under investigation for alleged connections to extremist organisations in Burkina Faso.

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