Taking someone as a role model isn’t a bad thing, but one needs to be careful when one wishes to have someone as a role model.

Many people do not understand the essence of taking a role model and always misconstrue the whole process of taking a role model.

In this article, we will touch on a few things that will enlighten your understanding and perception of taking a role model and ways to go about it.


Who Is a role model?

A few people might know the definition of a role model, but I would break it down for you to get a deeper understanding of it.

A role model is someone who others look to for guidance, or a role model is someone who should be emulated.

It’s good to learn and look up to others, but you do so at your own peril.


Whom Do You Take As A Role Model?

Everyone dreams of becoming an important personality in the future, but setting your goals and aspirations right is the ultimate key to achieving what you wish to acquire in life.

When it comes to goal setting, you need someone who has experienced the woes of life to guide and direct you to set your target right.

How To Choose A Role Model?

Choosing a role model is quite difficult and very sensitive regarding the person you wish to have as a role model.


There are different categories of people in society that are doing well in life and have everything in their possession.

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Note this: Seeing someone with posh cars and building nice houses doesn’t mean the person is fit to be your role model.

Before you intend to choose a role model, study the person and do thorough research about the individual before considering him as your pinnacle.


If you end up imitating the wrong person, he/she might push you to do something that might not yield any befitting results in your life.

Learn what the person does for a living, how he or she makes money, and how they conduct themselves in the community.

Do a deep analysis of the person before you decide to take him/her as your role model because the decision you make today can destroy your life forever.


A good friend will also advise you to live up to your expectations in life.

He/she will never convince you to do anything that goes contrary to the norms of life.

What do you think will happen to you when you take a drug addict as a role model?


You will certainly be enticed or persuaded by him/her to smoke or take in hard drugs that can cause damage to your system or might give you health implications.

A rational and responsible role is a reserved, intelligent, God-fearing, and visionary leader.

A good role model will never take advantage of you, so they will guide you through the stages of life.


Role models always preach about determination and perseverance.

Hence, it will hold you up, and you will be able to stand and fight when troubles or challenges come your way.

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They will teach you to be content and assist you in getting rid of things that will prevent you from achieving and fulfilling your life’s purpose.


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