In the video sighted online, the young man who identifies himself as youngdon640 on TikTok and is gaining traction due to how he speaks and acts like Ghanaian critic Twene Jonas, has expressed disgust with the attitude of some Ghanaians.

In the viral video, the young man claimed Muslims are stupid for praying with their heads on the ground.

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This video gathered sparked a lot of reactions with some netizens promising to report him to be deported back to Ghana.

However, the young man has come out to apologize to Ghanaians for his sayings, he stated that some Ghanaians have made it their mission to get him deported and have even reported him to the Ghana embassy in the US.

“I woke up to a message by the US authorities that some Ghanaians have made a case against me and are trying to get me deported. What am I coming to do in Ghana? The people who are doing this should be careful.”

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He then proceeded to hype the United States as a safe haven and also hurled insulting remarks at Ghanaians. At the time of writing the report, the video had gathered over 2000 likes, 400 comments and 49,000 views.

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