The Tufuhene of Ekumfi Akwaakrom, an accused person in the Mankessim murder case, has asked the Cape Coast District Court to remove the third alleged criminal from the ongoing case.

Christopher Ekow Clarke testified in court on Tuesday that Jonathan Obeng, a 26-year-old mason, was not involved in the crime because he was simply contacted to dig the hole for the victims’ interment.

However, the prosecution claims that Jonathan Obeng shared a common goal with the first two accused in order to commit the crime.


This revelation is claimed to have been made by the chief during court proceedings on Tuesday, October 4.

Bernice Mensima Ackon, the presiding judge, interfered and stopped him from speaking.

She stated that the trial had not progressed to the point where the accused were obligated to speak.


The initial charge sheet was dropped in court and replaced with a fresh one that included the third accused individual, Mason Jonathan Obeng.

Unlike the other two defendants, Mr. Obeng was represented in court by a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the family of the late Georgina Asor Botchwey has requested that the trial be expedited.


An aunt of the deceased told the media after the court hearing that the accused are aware of their guilt and that the family does not anticipate any delays in the hearings.

“To ensure that everyone is happy, the government should discipline them appropriately. I am convinced that when they reappear in court on October 18, they will accept their guilt.

“Because it is obvious that they are guilty, the court should not continue to adjourn the case. It should instead hasten the trial. As I speak to you, the deceased’s sister is in complete shock; this case has completely ruined her life. “I doubt she’d have the courage to marry or even express interest in any man,” Kate Swanzy said.

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On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the three accused will appear in court for the third time.

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