Speaking on a live Twitter spaces discussion with Cookie Tee, the “Too Risky” hitmaker was quizzed about the money he usually claims to have as well as the cars and houses shown on his social media. He stated that all those are props to boost his brand and should not be taken seriously.

Citing popular Hollywood movies, he added that he has never claimed ownership of any items displayed on social media that he does not actually own. He admitted that his fans are aware of that as well.

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“It’s all props, it’s like the Rambo movie, you see him with guns, shooting and killing, but in real life, he’s in The Bahamas chilling, that’s how it is. So what you see on social media is an illusion. It’s just my brand. I don’t have anything. My fans know that whatever I don’t own, I won’t claim as my own. I’m not rich, I’m trying to survive, I’m a hustler just like everyone else,” he disclosed.

Medikal is one of the biggest musicians in Ghana with popular records and expensive properties to his name.

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The “La Hustle” hitmaker is known for showing off his luxurious vehicles, designer outfits and trendy footwears.

Medikal make people online believe that every facet of his live is clean and perfect.

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