Carol a mother of two who is blind Painfully narrated how she lost her sight and the pain her husband made her go through thereafter.

She was born normal and raised in Murang’a. After completing primary school, her single mother didn’t manage to pay for her secondary education.
She narrated that while at home, they were playing different games with the kids around their home. One day, while they were playing a boy hit her head with his head.

According to her, she was injured on the forehead which later developed into a wound. Her mother bought her painkillers and the wood got healed.


Years later, she started experiencing severe headaches but all she could do was buy painkillers from the counter. She got married at 15 and gave birth to two children

Her husband was good at first but later changed and started drinking alcohol and assaulting her. He stopped providing for the family which made her start doing manual jobs around to provide for her kids.

According to her, one day she went to sleep upon waking up and opening her eyes she couldn’t see anything. She was taken to the hospital but her sight was completely gone. She was taken for prayers but nothing changed.
Her husband would still drink alcohol and assault her. One day her husband fell sick and her husband took him to the hospital where he was given liquid medicines. Her husband later went to drink alcohol and returned home at 2 am.

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Since Carol couldn’t see, she didn’t give her son medicine. At 2 am her husband woke her up and asked her whether she gave her son medicine, when she said no, her husband slapped her 2 times on her face.
It was painful and the following day she took her 2 kids who guide her to her mother’s home which was not far from there. Her husband has never set foot there, he didn’t offer her help to raise her children. She survives on well-wishers.

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