In his original post, Prophet Nigel had urged the family of “Sheriff Black” to pray for him and have a deep conversation with him, expressing concern about something he had seen regarding the individual’s life.

“Let the family of *Sheriff Black*…PRAY FOR HIM AND TALK TO HIM DEEPLY, I DIDN’T LIKE WHAT I SAW ABOUT HIM SOME FEW MINUTES AGO…..Life Is PRICELESS. I saw the mother crying uncontrollably *** (if nothing is done about this, Ghana will not hear good news before December)”

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He emphasized the importance of taking such prophetic messages seriously and acting upon them.

During a phone discussion on UTV Showbiz Night, Prophet Nigel elaborated on his revelation, stating that prophetic visions can often be figurative and may not provide a clear picture of the situation.

However, he urged people to discern the urgency of such messages and take action accordingly.

“Prophetic revelations usually appear figuratively, it sometimes gives you the blurry picture of it but if you are wise you will deduce the urgency from it and work towards it regardless of how direct the vision comes

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“Over the years when we come out as prophets to speak revelations, the same industry people slam and castigate us disrespectfully. last year I made a revelation about Morocco’s disaster, I was insulted but here we are now seeing it for ourselves, the Same revelation about the IGP and the rise against him, don’t we see it now? I also had a revelation about the Gabon coup and just at 24hrs it came to pass so when someone like me is making such revelations it is just wise for reasonable people to rise and fight against it

“I don’t add nor subtract from my revelation, I say it as it is so if you are wise take it and work your salvation towards it. My prayer warriors and I are matching in prayers to seek grace and mercy but whoever this prophesy concerns should wake up and wear the armor of prayer. prophesy doesn’t come to scar but to alert so let’s be on guard and pray for life”

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Prophet Nigel stressed that prophesies are not meant to harm but to alert, and he called on individuals to be vigilant and pray for their lives in response to such messages.

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