Nigeria is known as one of the most popular and famous countries in Africa. The state is blessed with heavenly things that can be used to develop the nation, but politics has destroyed the economy.

Looking at the way politics is being practiced in Nigeria, it would be difficult for the country to develop if we did not politicize everything that needs to be done in the country.

The various political parties in Nigeria seem to be the major cause of the hardship and crisis the country is currently facing.


It is every country’s duty to create a serene environment for its people, but once a party is in opposition, they intend to object to any good policy that the ruling party brings on board.

This kind of attitude needs to be changed, and people need to start helping each other regardless of their religion or the party they belong to.

The motive behind this article is to make you understand that belonging to a particular political party does not mean you should not help each other in terms of economic growth.


Nigeria will develop if we stay away from dirty politics and start thinking about how to create more jobs for the youth and make their lives better.

The level of crime and other related issues in Nigeria keeps increasing, and it is a bit disturbing to see such a great nation undergo this kind of social vice.

It was reported that the youth are now into armed robbery and other related crimes due to the high level of unemployment in Nigeria.

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That being said, there are different ways to resolve such issues, and we should try our best to stay away from things that will drag the country’s name into the mud.

Nigeria is a big country; therefore, we need to sit up and help ourselves to make the system better for all of us.

We should come together and share our grievances with the politicians and let them know that the system isn’t good and things need to be changed in order to create a befitting environment for the people in the country.


Politicians have been playing with the minds of some individuals; hence, they would go to any extent to defend their party, even if the party isn’t doing what is expected of it.

If we continue to keep silent, the country will always retrogress, and we, the ordinary people, will suffer, so I would urge all Nigerians to come together and choose the right person who would be able to manage the affairs of the nation.


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