OB Amponsah shared his disappointment, explaining that he had diligently worked to establish himself in the South African comedy scene.

The comedian’s commitment to this venture was evident as he personally funded both trips to South Africa and actively sought out comedy gigs. His hard work and dedication eventually paid off when he and his comedy partner, Lekzy DC, were booked to perform at a comedy festival in Bloemfontein scheduled for the upcoming Saturday.

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However, the excitement has been overshadowed by the visa dilemma. Despite their best efforts, OB Amponsah and Lazy de Comic have been unable to obtain the necessary South African visas, placing their participation in the festival in jeopardy.

“In 2022, I decided to go check the comedy scene in South Africa, do a few clubs and test my strength there. Pitched my tent with Nabil Alhassan and event factory, went and did a couple of of spots in different clubs. Then I came home to tell my colleagues about a rife market that is so cool to work in, where even our Ghana made jokes work.

In May 2023, Lekzy DC, my partner in crime joined the trip to SA and we did more clubs and garnered the attention we needed from event organizers and comedian friends.

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All of these two trips, personally funded. Gigs, personally sought.

Then our hard work pays off, we are booked for a comedy festival in Bloemfontein happening this Saturday but cannot go because we have not been able to secure visas.

I am not sure any event organizer will love to go through the stress we’ve put the organizer through. Dude is just waiting for confirmation so he can book our tickets. If this doesn’t happen, I doubt he will put us on anymore. “Those Ghanaians will stress you with visa acquisition”, will be their response in sure.

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I’m sad, Charlie. You take a step forward and then some immigration policies or whatever pull you 3 steps back. What’s the point in sweating here? What’s the point if we cannot reap the benefits of our labor. Ebi hard for this side” he wrote.

Currently, Ghanaians need visas to enter South Africa. Ghanaian do not qualify for a visa on arrival, so one must apply and obtain a visa in Ghana from the South African embassy in Accra before you board a flight for South Africa.

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