Hon. Salish Zurmi, a physically challenged politician and member of the Zamfara State House of Assembly, has accused the People’s Democratic Party’s State Chapter of denying him the party’s House of Representatives ticket due to his disability. According to a report published by the Independent newspaper,

In an exclusive interview in Gusau, the state capital, he made the allegation. Zurmi, the only PDP member in the House of Assembly, revealed yet another form of intimidation at the hands of his ruling colleagues.

Governor Bello Matawalle was one of three serving PDP governors who defected to the All Progressive Congress in the country in 2021.


The move, which resulted in a major legal battle, forced his deputy out of office. The deputy had refused to defect with Matawalle, who was backed heavily by the state assembly.

With the exception of this physically challenged member, all members of the Zamfara state house of assembly had joined the ruling party alongside the Governor.

During his speech, he stated that all 23 state lawmakers decided to join the State Governor and defect to the APC, but he refused, claiming that they were brought in as state legislators through the People’s Democratic Party’s wing.


Despite being harassed by APC members for failing to pay all of his allowances and other entitlements, Zurmi claimed that his party, the PDP, was also dealing with him due to his physical condition.

He revealed that he bought a nomination and expression form to run for the Federal House of Representatives, but the state party refused to let him run, claiming that they had anointed someone else on consensus.

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What are your thoughts on the allegations made by this physically challenged politician? Were they fair to sideline him because of his disability?


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