“A lot of people leave the country because things have been run down to the ground. And obviously, it’s sad that we are losing our professionals. It’s sad that we are losing people who can be society builders, community builders when they go,”

In a conversation with A J Sarpong on TV3, she highlighted the importance of creating an environment in which citizens can travel abroad for various purposes and return home, emphasizing that this trend should serve as a warning sign to the government.

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“This should be a flag. This should be a huge red flag to the government. Because people should be able to travel and go and come back,”

She asserted the lack of government support for the youth and other professionals, contrasting this with countries that have established arts funds to provide funding and opportunities for their citizens to collaborate with other nations.

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In her words, “So I wish that people can travel. But it’s not because we are escaping this very dangerous situation. It’s because we are traveling because we want to build, we want to see it as part of nation-building.”

She believes the government’s unconcerned attitude towards this challenge is alarming.

Akosua Hanson’s remarks highlight the need for improved conditions and support systems in Ghana to retain and nurture its talent and professionals.

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