In spite of Peter Obi’s freedom to voice his genuine views as a Nigerian, the unexpected occurred yesterday after he extended his concerns over the death of Davido’s son.

Politicians are also part of society; thus, what could make people think that Peter Obi does not have the right to share his views about the happenings in the community?

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He is currently being fired by many Nigerians for showing care and sympathy with Davido’s family after it was announced that Davido had lost his son.

Every decent being would do the same, but it seems politics have blindfolded many people; hence, it has become a sin for presidential candidates to express their emotions.

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The people were of the view that Peter Obi shouldn’t have written such a heartfelt message to Davido’s family after losing the young boy.

Why would some people be so heartless?

Davido is a Nigerian, so there is nothing wrong if Peter Obi sympathize with him in hard times like this.

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