The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has been facing a lot of bashing from the masses due to his alleged sickness.

Tinubu has attempted to clarify on several occasions that he is physically fit and strong, but some people believe otherwise.

According to some of the citizens in Nigeria, Tinubu’s current state isn’t advisable for him to contest in the upcoming presidential election because they fear he might pass away while serving the people of Nigeria.


He recently stated in regards to his health that he is running for president, but not for WWE. 

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The above statement could mean that Tinubu is physically strong and healthy, so he deems it necessary to stand in as the presidential aspirant for the All Progressives Congress political party.


Other people also think that Tinubu is seriously sick, but due to his greed to taste power, he is willing to risk his life to become the president of Nigeria.

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We can not certainly conclude and judge him based on his previous health issues, but most people seem worried and wish that Tinubu would back off from the political race and seek medical help from a professional doctor before he thinks of coming back to the presidential scene.


Do you think Tinubu is seriously sick and needs medical attention?

Do you think Tinubu is seriously sick and needs medical attention?

This voting process is 100% authentic and we will post the results in the coming week for everyone to know what Nigerians think about Tinubu’s health.

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