The Nigerian presidential election will take place in a few months to come, but the person that might succeed President Buhari remains anonymous.

While the various political parties prepare for the upcoming election, their supporters are also on the field working to see their best candidate win the presidential election in 2023.

That being said, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, Peter Obi, seems to have taken the lead despite the fact that the election is not due until next year.


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Peter Obi has been one of the most liked and recommended presidential candidates, so the chance of him winning the election might be higher than the rest of the aspirants.


Nonetheless, Peter Obi is being described as a competent and learned politician, but winning the 2023 presidential election would not be easy for him and the Labour Party.

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Why do you think he deserves to win the 2023 presidential election? Why do you think Nigerians should give Peter Obi An opportunity to run the affairs of the state?


[Polls] Will It Be Advisable For Nigerians To Elect Peter Obi As President?

Please help us complete this survey for you and the entire Nigerian population to know whether he is fit to become the President of the Republic of Nigeria.

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