But 2023 has not seen the last of Premium; he still has another one in him. Enter ‘Love Garden,’ a collaboration with Simple Don. The tender song, inspired by his recent trip to Ghana, is a splendid reminder of how remarkable the Shapmusic frontman is.

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Together with Simple Don, Premium offers a cathartic experience to anyone caught in love’s embrace. His smooth and inviting intonations quickly engross, goading you to hum along to its hook: “I wan sing aye aye aye…,” before you even realize it.

‘Love Garden’ is a song that celebrates love and showcases Premium’s talent flawlessly. Its lush vocals, ornate lyrics and the classic feeling it captures are ones that lovers won’t want to miss out on.

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It is also a testament to Premium’s growth and success as a budding artist despite debuting barely a year ago. He is living up to the hype of his “sensation” tag and is en route to becoming one of the genre’s household names – a possibility that ‘Love Garden’ strongly re-affirms.

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‘Love Garden’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here.

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