Speaking on Joy Prime, Epixode pointed out that international artists often sample Ghanaian music because there hasn’t been adequate record-keeping of songs over the years.

He cited recent instances of international artists using Ghanaian rhythms, which highlights the global appeal of the country’s music.

“They sample our songs every time. Like recently I heard a chronic on a Rock Stone’s rhythm, and I was like, Really?” But we don’t have room to keep these catalogs to also help the next generation know that this is what makes our sound… well, we’re getting there if we document it well,”

“I look at the longevity of my craft and who I want to be, and I’ve come to the realization that it will get to a time when highlife will rule. It’s the sound of the future.

He emphasized the need to preserve and document the musical catalogs, as it would help future generations understand the roots and unique sound of Ghanaian music.

He expressed his desire for Ghanaian music to reach greater heights and mentioned that highlife could potentially play a significant role in the future of the industry.

He hinted at his upcoming projects, including the release of a new single titled “Stubborn Souljah” for dancehall music enthusiasts and the plan to release an all-highlife music album by the end of 2023.

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His insights highlight the importance of preserving and promoting Ghanaian music for both local and international audiences.

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