Nurses who intend or desire to travel outside or work in a foreign health sector must complete and submit their clearance form to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for final endorsement.

In this article, we will assist you on how to request for nurses clearance form in Ghana. This is a new directive from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to assist nurses with their clearance process.


Most nurses have already gone through such a process, thus it is required of every Ghana nurse to do the needful regarding the clearance form registration.

You Can Get The Nurses Clearance Form Through The Process Below.

  1. Visit the Ministry of Health Headquarters.  (Please keep in mind that a clearance form, which costs GHS200, is required.)
  2. You must present an introductory letter from your faculty of work addressed to the Director of Human Resources for Health Development at the Ministry of Health (HRND).  (Note: Rotational nurses and midwives must submit a letter confirming rotation completion.)
  3. Include a passport-sized photograph that has been approved by your current employer. (Please keep in mind that the background must be white, and you must first put on your staff uniform.)
  4. In the top left or top right corner of the clearance form, indicate your employee identification number.
  5. Proof of payment (receipt) must be provided when submitting a completed clearance form for endorsement.

Please note that without the clearance form, you would be restricted from working in any other country. (You might not be regarded as a Ghanaian nurse if you travel outside the country to work in any health sector.)

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It won’t take you more than 3 weeks to complete the process.


“After completing the clearance process, you will be allowed to work with any hospital across the globe without any form of fear.”

Hence, make sure you have completed the clearance process for final endorsement.

You can reach out to us if you need any assistance with the “Nurse Clearance” Process.


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