The word “galamsey” has become a stage name in Ghana due to the excessive mining that has been going on in some parts of the country.

You might have heard or come across such a name, but do you really know the meaning?

The word “galamsey” simply means “gather and sell. 


This name originated from the Western part of Ghana, Takoradi to be precise.

Galamsey has been one of the major challenges in Ghana due to how the environment is being destroyed by such activities.

The act is deemed to be illegal because of the outcome of the practice.


Why do I say so?

There are certain places in Ghana that have been affected by Galamsey. Kwabeng and other ecosystems are highly compromised.

Illegal miners have contaminated our water bodies. It affects the livestock in the water and human beings as well.


Some of the chemicals they use at the “galamsey site” are very poisonous and are being washed into the water where the fish and other livestock live.

Health Implications

The chemicals that are being washed into the water will certainly affect the animals in the sea. Therefore, when we buy fish and eat it, it might cause certain health issues in our system.

The heart of Ghana’s economy is the forest, but due to “galamsey”, the trees have been cut down purposely to engage in the illegal mining of gold.


The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo has been working to end “galamsey” in Ghana. Therefore, he has vowed to risk it all to make sure that such a practice is abolished from the system.

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The key point is to get rid of “Galamsey” because it has destroyed and killed many people in the country.

Some of the “galamsey” operators were arrested and jailed for indulging in illegal mining practices in Ghana.


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