The will of the people can only become a reality when the right steps and decisions are taken regarding the upcoming presidential election.

We cannot decide for people to vote for Peter Obi or Tinubu because every adult is responsible for his/her own reactions.

In terms of popularity, Peter Obi seems to be a bit ahead of Tinubu, but in the game of politics, the strongest always come out first.


Most of the people we have met on the streets of Nigeria and outside the province have testified that Peter Obi would be the best person to take over the presidency in 2023.

While a few of the people also support Tinubu and the entire APC party, the ratio between these great men isn’t balanced according to the online polls we have been conducting.

That being said, what will happen to the supporters of Peter Obi and the whole crew of Labour Party members?


Will they accept defeat when the election does not go their way?

The supporters of the Labour Party are 100% sure that the 2023 election will be a success for Peter Obi, so they are not in any position to feel scared or worried.

A member of the All Progressives Congress party came to the conclusion that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party is only popular on social media, and hence the real world awaits him in a few months to come.


Do you think the only way the All Progressives Congress will win the election is by “rigging the election,” or will they come out clean and win the election?

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Will you be surprised if Peter Obi loses the 2023 presidential election? What is your take?

Our online voting process is conducted across the globe. Please don’t forget to vote for your candidate.


Voting is still available in this section: (VOTE) Who is fit to be the next President of Nigeria? Bola Tinubu or Peter Obi? click here|VOTE NOW


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