Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, told APC women during his campaign yesterday to tell all Nigerians calling for a change in leadership to “shut up.”

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Bola Tinubu also stated that Nigerians seeking a change of government have managed to forget the state of the country prior to President Buhari taking office in 2015.


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He urged Nigerians to keep a cool head and promised to end the thievery issue if voted into office as the country’s next president.

Bola Tinubu

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As reported by Cable News, Tinubu made this disclosure while speaking at the APC’s women’s team’s presidential campaign launch on Monday.

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He claimed that he said: “Simply tell them,” “We would like to be polite, but please shut up your mouth,” if they claim they want a change in the government. Let me say this to you, the people present today, and especially to the women: looting has ended; hopelessness is not a word in our lexicon; instead, we have hope, promise, prosperity, and security.”


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He informed Nigerians that the sitting president was able to provide 36 states of the federation with a bailout fund when these states were unable to pay their employees’ wages despite the fact that oil production and prices were at an all-time low when he assumed office.

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Nigerians are currently waiting eagerly until the new year to make their choice for the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s next president.

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Presidential election


Now the question is, who will be elected as the president of Nigeria in the upcoming 2023 presidential election?

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